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Managing growth in your technology professional services firm comes with a unique set of challenges that are close to the hearts of business owners like you. As your business expands, you face the critical task of transitioning your team members' focus from technical delivery to developing leadership and business skills. However, all too often, technology startups fall into repeatable patterns that hinder their success, whether it's due to rapid growth, over-reliance on a single client, or leaders struggling to make the necessary shift from technical decision-making to becoming the CEOs that their businesses truly need.

I specialize in helping owners of technology professional services firms like yours navigate these challenging waters. I provide expert advice, coaching, and proven techniques tailored specifically to address the growth challenges you face. Our goal is to empower you to achieve consistent growth, reduce chaos, and enhance overall performance. With my deep understanding of leadership, behavior, and technical skills, I possess unique insights into the challenges that matter most to you, and I have the tools and expertise to help you not only survive but thrive in the competitive landscape.

Why Choose Koehn Consulting?

Brad Koehn – a seasoned engineering professional with over three decades of experience – understands the particular interests and aspirations of owners of technology professional services firms. I have worked on high-risk projects throughout the evolution of modern technology and practices, including the dot-com boom of the late 90s, the shift to cloud computing, and the advent of AI/ML. This extensive experience, coupled with successful engagements with clients large and small, has shaped my resilient and responsive approach to engineering. I prioritize individual goals, team performance, and business cost-effectiveness, ensuring that I align your strategies to your specific goals and interests. By helping you develop a strategic mindset towards engineering tools and decisions and empowering your teams through mission clarity and customer-centric management, I equip you to make informed choices and achieve long-term success.

Beyond Technology: Embracing Cross-Functional Change

As technology continues to drive business growth, effective collaboration with non-IT/Engineering functions becomes paramount for owners like you. Koehn Consulting goes beyond the conventional boundaries by providing experienced consultants with extensive business management backgrounds. I offer support for agile and product transformations, program management aligned with your P&L initiatives, modernized go-to-market deployments that accommodate the uncertainties of agile timelines, and a deep understanding of how to adapt agile theory and practices within sales, marketing, finance, and delivery disciplines. Our focus is to help you optimize the performance of your entire organization, ensuring seamless collaboration and maximizing your business's potential.

Our Approach: Customized Support Tailored to Your Needs

I understand that each owner and firm is unique, and I approach every engagement with a high level of customization. I take the time to understand your specific interests, challenges, and aspirations, tailoring our support to address your individual needs and concerns. My approach goes beyond traditional classroom training; instead, we provide a comprehensive diagnosis of your current state, compare it to your desired stage, and pragmatically align the necessary changes to achieve your defined business objectives.

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Ready to overcome the growth challenges specific to your technology professional services firm? Reach out to Brad Koehn today and explore how our specialized services can empower you to achieve your goals. Together, let's navigate the path to success and drive your business to new heights.

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“Brad is an asset to any organization that he works with, and I look forward to continuing to learn from him!”
Jared Olhoft, Chief Technology Officer, BeBright

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