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Enable Business Growth by Growing Leaders

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Leadership development is an essential component for any business that wants to achieve significant growth and success. In today's competitive world, companies need to have a strong and effective leadership team to drive innovation, manage changes, and inspire employees to perform at their best.

Effective leadership skills can help businesses to navigate through challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and create a sustainable competitive advantage. 

Kaleigh’s Practice

Kaleigh owns a professional services firms in the product transformation space. She brings in enough business through his extensive network to keep a dozen coaches busy, but lately her business has plateaued. 

Like many owners, Kaleigh is an expert practitioner of her craft, and she oversees every client engagement herself. But between running the business, selling, making payroll, and managing talent, Kaleigh was simply stretched too thin to allow any growth to happen. The sixty hour weeks were taking a toll. 

Not only that, but Kaleigh's staff is unhappy. As Kaleigh cuts corners to try to keep all the business running, she’s unaware of important client information, and her advice are sometimes sub-par, leaving a mess for her staff to clean up. But Kaleigh refuses to relinquish control as she’s focused on protecting the quality of the brand she’s carefully crafted over the years. 

Kaleigh worries that if her less-experienced staff makes a mistake, it will reflect badly on her personally, so she doesn’t delegate authority to anyone else. The problem isn’t her staff; it's how Kaleigh is handling her worry. 

Working with Kaleigh to surface her emotions was critical to helping her delegate more responsibility to her team. We worked together on developing ways to delegate without abdicating, and Kaleigh negotiated new boundaries with her team that leveraged their individual strengths while allowing Kaleigh to focus on what mattered to her. 

This in turn enabled much faster growth, as Kaleigh could focus on lead generating activities like speaking at conferences and sales, leaving her most experienced leaders in charge of delivering a quality product. 

I specialize in working with leaders just like Kaleigh in practices large and small to grow their businesses by developing their leaders. If your firm sounds a little like Kaleigh’s, contact me for a free consultation