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Growing your small business by removing blockers

Growing any business is hard, and small technology businesses are no exception. Often founded by smart people with sharp technical skills, these businesses must follow a traditional path, even when their services are in high demand.

Common areas to look at for technology practices, in particular those involved in professional services like staffing and consulting, include:

  • Strategy. Understanding the market, how it’s evolving, and the approach you should take to move your business to where you want it to go, whether that’s organic growth, investment, or acquisition.

  • Sales. Sometimes sales can seem like an afterthought, especially when you have a lot of demand. But aligning your sales team to your strategy is key to enabling growth.

  • Delivery. At the end of the day, making certain that your delivery people have the skills in demand, and the soft skills to build effective relationships with customers can be the difference between a long-term engagement and one that ends suddenly.

  • Leadership. Most organizations grow to their capacity, and then linger a while as they develop leaders who are ready to step back into higher management roles. Businesses simply cannot grow until their leaders are prepared to.

What is limiting your small technology business from becoming what you need it to be? Take our free assessment and find out.