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Scaling Your Tech Consulting Firm: Key Strategies for Building a Robust Sales Capacity


Most practices get started using referrals, which is a great way to build a foundation. However, as your organization grows, you’ll need more business than referrals alone can provide. Developing a robust sales capacity is essential for sustained growth. So, how do you go about it?

Option 1: Hire a salesperson

Hiring a salesperson is often the first option considered, but it can be daunting, especially if you’ve never managed a sales team before. Unlike a delivery role, you need to identify the right candidate and design a compensation model that is fair and incentivizes desired sales outcomes. Additionally, you’ll need to manage and evaluate their performance, which adds significant responsibility.

That’s a lot to take on. 

Option 2: Fractional sales

Fractional sales personnel are becoming more popular. They are typically more self-sufficient than full-time salespeople and pose a lower financial risk if they don’t work out. Often, they come with a preferred compensation structure. However, you still need to ensure they allocate sufficient time to your business and not just their other clients. Experienced fractional professionals usually have the discipline to manage this balance.

Option 3: Develop in-house capacity

Some owners prefer to develop sales capacity from within their existing team. If you’re grooming your replacement, enhancing their sales abilities is a natural step. This approach requires you to clearly articulate your sales process and ensure your staff is willing to shift towards the business side. Compensation is typically simpler, often structured as a commission bonus. 

From existence to survival

Transitioning from existence to survival in your business growth involves developing specialized roles. Sales is often the first area of specialization, driving the growth needed for additional roles like recruiting, finance, and HR.

If you’re struggling to develop an in-house sales capacity, reach out today. I specialize in coaching small business owners through growth processes and providing fractional talent where it matters most. Let’s discuss how I can help your practice grow.