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Spend more time at the cabin


The summer season is in full swing here in Minnesota, tempting us with warm weather, long days, and the desire to escape to our cabins. However, for many business owners, the relentless demands of running their businesses keep them chained to their desks for 60 hours a week. In this article, we'll explore effective techniques that can help you reclaim your time and allow your business to thrive without your constant presence. Plus, we'll reveal a bonus benefit that could significantly enhance your business's value.


One crucial step is to surround yourself with competent individuals who can match or surpass your level of expertise. Embrace the idea of hiring professionals who specialize in areas outside your comfort zone. By doing so, not only will your business benefit from their deep expertise, but you'll also gain the peace of mind to truly relax while enjoying your time at the cabin. If necessary, consider seeking the guidance of an external coach (such as myself) to elevate your team's executive decision-making skills.


Establishing well-defined procedures ensures that your organization can operate smoothly even in your absence. By documenting how your team uncovers gaps, minimizes turnover impact, and handles crises autonomously, you provide them with a roadmap for success. Remember, procedures are like good hygiene—they go unnoticed until they're absent. Regularly review and improve your documentation, making it a performance metric for your leaders.

Set Clear Expectations

Your team cannot function without you if they need to escalate every issue that arises. They need to clearly understand which issues you expect them to handle on their own, that they need to manage handling their own conflicts, and how their performance will be measured when they do so. 

Bonus Benefit

By implementing these strategies—delegating, documenting, and setting clear expectations—you not only gain more time at your cabin today but also increase your company's valuation when the time comes to sell. Imagine enjoying an even grander cabin during your retirement years as a result of your business's enhanced worth.

If the idea of spending more time at your cabin resonates with you, I specialize in helping owners of technology professional services achieve this very goal. Reach out to me, and together we'll find a way for you to reclaim your time and embrace the freedom you deserve.